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We have compiled a range of useful reports related to turquoise gemstones, these can be accessed right from this page. If you are interested in buying or even just learning about turquoise gems, it is not sufficient to go merely by external beauty. While some very technical issues might not be relevant to the casual gem buyer, certain issues are very essential. A simple fact is that, more than 80% of the turquoise gems that are used in jewelry are stabilized. This is a form of treatment that enhances the toughness of turquoise gemstones. You will be surprised to know that, more than 70% of turquoise gems buyers don't have any idea of what stabilized turquoise means. The reports listed below will equip you with all the essential information necessary for a turquoise gem buyer.

Being aware of the properties related to hardness and porosity of turquoise stones, will enable you to take better care of the gem. This will ensure that you get longer satisfaction from owning your turquoise gems or jewelry. Simple things like, the necessity to keep turquoise gems away from liquids and even water, cannot be easily understood without learning about the porosity of turquoise. We provide detailed explanations in simple language to ensure, that the information is relevant and useful to a wide range of gem lovers.

Confusing jargon like stabilized turquoise and re-constituted turquoise are easy to understand if you learn the underlying properties of turquoise. We explain why we are of the opinion that, reconstituted turquoise should not be referred to as natural turquoise. A report on how to clean and care for turquoise gemstones and jewelry has also been provided. We urge you to read all the available information that we have compiled, the buying decision is then upto you. You can purchase your turquoise gems or jewelry from any source that you wish since, we are not the only source for the gemstone. However we pride ourselves in being one of the very few sources, to provide detailed information and guidance on issues related to gems and jewelry.

At Directstones, you can buy just loose turquoise gemstones or request for complete turquoise jewelry to be custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. We will gladly custom cut a single turquoise stone piece to the shape and size of your choice and are also equipped, to handle orders for thousands of pieces. You can contact our support team at with any queries or requirements that you might have.

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